Met Ball Hair – Maggie Gyllenhaal/Crystal Renn

Maggie Met Ball

Maggie Gyllenhaal’s glitzy Stella McCartney gown was perfectly balanced by her effortlessly chic ‘do. Stylist Rebekah Forecast of Sally Hershberger Downtown opted for a style that was simple and modern, emphasizing Maggie’s natural texture. Follow this simple how-to to get the look from home:

  1. Beginning with dry hair, use a texturizing product from roots to ends. Rebekah recommends SALON by Sally Hershberger Texture Blast.
  2. If you have a natural wave, use a diffuser on your whole head to gently set the product and create texture. If you don’t have a natural wave, use a curling iron a few inches away from your roots to bulk up texture.
  3. Loosely pull back all your hair into a high ponytail. The look should be soft, don’t pull it back too tight!
  4. Back comb the ponytail gently before wrapping it around your band to create a bun. Secure with pins.
  5. Finish with hairspray. Rebekah recommends Shu Uemera Art of Hair Sheer Lacquer.


Crystal Renn Met Ball

Stylist Mike Viggue of Sally Hershberger Downtown created a dramatic updo to compliment Crystal Renn’s show-stopping black gown. His secret: he pulled her hair up and over a specially made pin cushion to give the modern twist its height!

  1. Beginning with dry hair, Viggue loaded Renn’s hair with Shu Uemera Art of Hair Ample Angora Volumizing Mousse from roots to ends.
  2. With a pick comb, he gave Renn a deep side part and gently back combed the side to be twisted.
  3. Placing the pin cushion high on her head, Renn’s hair was pulled up and over the cushion to create a pompadour-like shape. Securing with pins as he went, Viggue wrapped the hair over the pin cushion which stretched to the back of Renn’s head, ending just behind her right ear.
  4. Viggue tamed frizz with SALON by Sally Hershberger Mineral Cream and set the style with hair spray.

Did you have a favorite hairdo from the night?  Tell me about in the comments below!

Images and content provided by PR.