Guest Post – How to be beautiful on a budget

Let’s face it, the price of beauty can add up. It is every woman’s right to look her best, but she doesn’t have to go broke to be beautiful. Here are some tips that will reduce your beauty budget without reducing any of the glamour.

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Feed Your Skin

Mediterranean women know that eating lots of olive oil leads to shiny hair and radiant skin. The same wonders work externally. If your skin is dry, you might be tempted to run to the beauty counter and buy an expensive potion to restore your skin’s moisture. Instead, try dabbing small amounts of olive oil on key points of your face, such as under your eyes.

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Sun Screen is an Investment in Your Beauty Future

The cost of beauty products seems to rise as we get older and try to reverse or cover up the evidence of years of sun worshipping. Even if you aren’t a beach baby, there is still cause for cosying up with a good daily SPF. Shielding your skin from the sun now means spending less on reparative beauty products later.



Money Down the Drain

When you use expensive shampoo every day, you are literally washing money down the drain. While it can be beneficial for your hair to indulge in high end hair products, you probably don’t need to use them seven days a week to see results. The truth is that using any shampoo daily actually overrides its benefit as your hair becomes acclimated to it. You want to reserve the expensive shampoo for one or two days a week, and the rest of the week just go ahead and use drug store shampoo. In fact, skipping a washing altogether at least once a week will preserve the natural oils in your hair that shampoo strip away.

Rewrite Your Makeup Routine 

Makeup that can multitask is a real money saver. If you find yourself spending a lot of money on different types of makeup like lipsticks and blushes, try merging your favorite color into one product. Buying a lip and cheek stain in a pinky-peach shade means you can apply it to your lips and smudge it on your cheeks too. Not only is this cheaper, but it makes packing your beauty bag very easy and it ensures that the colors on your face never clash.

cheek stain


Snip the Cost of Hair Cuts

You can reduce the number of visits to the salon by investing in a sharp pair of scissors. Trimming bangs that are falling into your eyes or redefining layers near your face is something you can do on your own without the help of a hair dresser.

hair styling


Saving money while still looking your best is truly a beautiful thing!

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For me, beauty comes from confidence and this always helped me be more confident


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