ZOYA Armor Top Coat/UV Block

ZOYA Armor ($7.96) is a strong, flexible UV blocking top coat formulated to protect natural nails and extend the wear and shine of nail polish. As per Zoya – Add a protective, ultra-glossy, flexible shine to nail color and prevent exposure to yellowing UV rays with Zoya Armor Topcoat/UV Block. The super-brilliant, ultra-strong and flexible topcoat provides a chip-free coating to defend nail color against wear and tear. Re-apply every two-three days for extended color wear.


What I liked:

  • The consistency is not too runny nor too thick and applies smoothly.
  • Protects my nail polish from chipping for at least a week (with minimal tip wear)
  • Relatively eco-friendly and gentle formula without any nasty ingredients or smell.

What I didn’t like :

  • The drying time is not so fast as compared to the quick-dry top coats. It takes about five minutes or so before it’s dry to touch.
  • The shine is just average. It does have a nice sheen but the finish is definitely not ultra-glossy as claimed.
  • Pricey


I don’t bother (or simply forget) to follow the directions to reapply every other day but still my polish lasts about 7-8 days without chipping. That’s a major plus for me because I am pretty rough with my nails and usually got only about 2-3 days of wear time with my last top coat (Sally Hansen). I am not too bothered about the extra wait time for drying but the mediocre not-so-glossy shine is a little disappointing. That said, I will most probably be repurchasing Zoya Armor topcoat considering it’s overall performance.

Zoya Armor topcoat/UV Block is DBP (phthalates), toluene, camphor and formaldehyde free. Available at Zoya.com

Have you tried Zoya Armor topcoat? What do you think?

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Vintage Makeup
Vintage Makeup

Wow 7-8 days is awesome! My polish usually chips within a day or two. :)


Vintage makeup- Yeah, I had the same problem but this stuff really works!