How To Store Your Make Up

When you are a beautyholic you tend to buy more make up than you can ever use. Every make up addict has been guilty of hoarding unused makeup including yours truly. But if we want to utilize our beautiful buys and dream products to the maximum it is important that we take time to store these make up items in the proper way. Here is how you can store your make up to enjoy it more.

Sort it and toss it

I know it is clichéd but you have to sort your make up into stuff you use, can donate and must trash piles. You definitely cannot use or donate any products beyond their expiry date. If you have too many shades of a makeup product like lipstick or eye shadow then keep the ones you use the most and give away the rest to friends & family.
Using expired makeup is definitely a no-no however much you might like it. Replace mascara every three months and lip products after a year. Try to mark your makeup products with the date you opened them so that you know when to toss them out.

Lose the moisture

Moisture is good for your skin but definitely not for your make up products. Humidity and heat both make your makeup products degrade faster. Moisture causes pressed powder, blushes and eyeshadows to become crumbly and soft. Lipsticks, cover sticks, creamy eyeshadows can develop molds and become unhealthy to use.
Although it is convenient to store makeup products in your bathroom, it is advisable that you store it in your bedroom or in a room which has less humidity and heat. The steam from hot showers will erode your products soon.

Take care of the brushes

If you want to apply flawless makeup then having quality makeup brushes is a must. But it is even more important that you store these brushes properly. If not cared for, makeup brushes can also become a breeding ground for bacteria. Clean your brushes regularly with warm soapy water and once done keep them to dry with the brush facing down so that water does not seep into the brush barrel. Water in the brush barrel will loosen the glue and make brush hair fall out quickly.
Never store your brushes with other products in a makeup bag and try to keep the brushes separate from each other too. The best way is to stand up your brushes in a container using pebbles, gems or vase fillers.

Make a storage system

Once you have sorted your make up products in the “must keep” pile then try to organize them in a practical way. You can either store them using a color system or by type. It is also useful to keep the products which you use daily in a different section or may be to the front. This is also the right time to condense your makeup collection. If you have too many single eyeshadows, put them in a freestyle palette to save space.
A basic make up organization should have separate containers for lipsticks, makeup palettes, brushes, liquid products etc. Use a combination of boxes, containers, drawers, pull out systems etc. to create an effective organization system. A great place to buy make up storage is Ikea with tons of options in all budgets.

Use creative storage solutions

When things are specifically marketed as makeup storage the prices might be quite high. Look for products which may not specifically be for makeup storage but are effective nonetheless. Ease of convenience and plenty of storage space should be your number one priority.
Tool boxes and fishing tackle boxes can make a handy cosmetics box. Use clear over the door shoe organizers to hold all your hair accessories. Kitchen organizers can also be used for storing makeup products. You can also use pretty wooden boxes or woven baskets on top of your dresser to store make up and doll up your make up station. If you are a DIY maven, try making a magnet board for makeup which will not only organize it but also proudly display it.

What are your favorite make up storage ideas? Do you have any out of the box solutions to store makeup? I would love to hear your comments below.

This post has been written by our staff writer Swapna.

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