Holiday Escapes Beauty

The holidays are very popular times for travel and getting away. Here is the ultimate travel beauty guide that will cater to any vacation destination!

Beachy Resort :

If you’re in the mood for some sun during the winter holidays you’ll only need a few essentials to make you feel your best:

SPF – We can’t stress enough how important sunscreen is throughout all the seasons, especially when it’s sunny. You need to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun with a broad spectrum sunscreen, and don’t worry- even with sunscreen you can still get a nice, healthy golden color on your skin.

SeaSalt Spray – Instead of bringing along your heat tools, take inspiration from the weather and try effortless waves. Using seasalt spray can really enhance any curl pattern and give your hair some texture that’s full of volume.

Bronzer – Like most of us, your face is probably a few shades lighter than your body because we tend to wash our face more often. Using bronzer can definitely bring some color to your face while giving it an overall beachy glow.

Stain – Instead of fussing with heavy or drying lipsticks, opt for a tinted lip balm that has a rosy hue which is perfect for the holidays. Stains look super natural and last all day. Add a dab on the apples of your cheeks for that “just pinched” flushed look that compliments your lips.



Winter Wonderland :

In the more snowy climates, adding a few extra items to your suitcase can really perk up your look with minimal effort.

Moisture – Bringing along a thick moisturizer or body butter will really benefit your thirsty skin. Nothing feels worse than dry and flaky skin, prevent that with extra hydration. Be sure to add a thicker moisturizer to your face as well before adding makeup to ensure a smooth canvas.Your hair needs some loving too, so pack a deep conditioner to use a few times throughout your stay and help your locks look their best.

Lips – A nourishing and hydrating lip balm is essential for the freezing winters since they can make your lips look very weathered. Also be sure to pack along a statement lipstick for all of your holiday festivities. Red lips can really add some color to your face especially in the colder months when your complexion tends to be more washed out.

Cheeks – Packing a natural-colored cream blush can really give you the “just came from outside” look that is perfect for this weather. Cream products are better for the winter since they are slightly more hydrating and make your face look less dry than powders. If you’re worried about creams not lasting long enough, dust on some translucent powder to set your makeup and keep everything in place.

Wherever you’re headed, wish you safe travels and a very Happy Holiday!



I soo want to be somewhere warmer!


Phyrra - Thanks for dropping by! Wishing you Happy holidays :)