How to Combat Dry Skin and Hair This Winter

Guest post by Marcela De Vivo

Winter is synonymous with family holidays, the sight of snow and many other things you might look forward to. Winter is also synonymous with dry,  brittle hair and dull skin. However, there are some ways you can prevent dry hair and skin this winter, and none of them are particularly hard to implement into your daily routine.

Try a Natural Hair Mask

Cold air and hot showers mixed with heat styling tools are a recipe for dry and brittle hair that just doesn’t have any life, body or shine. Making a natural conditioning mask can help.

To make the mask:

Combine –
4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
3 tablespoons of natural honey
1 egg yolk
In a large mixing bowl whisk the mixture, like you’re making a cake, until the ingredients are completely combined, about one minute.
Apply it to your hair, gently massaging it outward, starting from roots. Put a shower cap on and allow the mixture to stay on your hair for 25 to 30 minutes before shampooing it out. Use this mixture about once a week to keep your hair shiny and feeling smooth.

Change Your Shampoo

When winter weather strikes, your hair is going to feel the brunt of the cold, and many experience dry, dull hair  in the late fall and winter months. Now is the time to switch to more hydrating formulas that don’t leave your hair feeling stripped and lifeless. Shampoos that use the word “moisturizing” on the bottle are a good place to start, and a leave-in conditioners can really work wonders, especially if you spend a lot of time outside. Other ingredients that work well for fighting the cold include: Shea butter, vitamin E and Chamomile extract.

Brush, Brush, Brush

Brushing your hair all the time can actually cause damage by creating stress, but in the winter months, brushing when you first wake up can be beneficial. Brushing your hair helps pull oils close to your scalp toward the ends of your hair strands, which can reduce fly-away strands and keep your hair protected from dry weather and indoor heating.Use a brush made with natural bristles for the best results.

Careful with that Hat!

Hats become an integral part of protecting hair from winter weather for many people, but if you do choose to wear one, make sure you check the fit before spending all day with it on your head. While it might not seem like it would matter too much, wearing a hat that’s even a little too tight and puts pressure on your hair and scalp could actually damage your hair follicles.

Not to mention that you’ll have that dreaded hat hair look when you do finally take your hat off. As a general rule, you should be able to get at least one finger between the brim of your hat and your hairline.

Don’t Skip the Sunscreen

Even though the sun has stopped shining so bright and temperature has dropped from 95 to 45, it doesn’t mean you can leave your sunscreen in the medicine cabinet for the next four months. Sunscreen helps protect your skin from the damaging UVA and UVB rays, and while it’s true that UVB rays – the ones that cause visible burns are stronger in the summer months – UVA rays are every bit as strong in the winter, and they can still lead to skin aging.

Moisturize Everyday

Keeping your skin moisturized is important to keep your skin smooth and supple, no matter what the season. And this routine becomes all the more important when winter comes around. So don’t forget to lather on a moisturizer every day (and night) to keep you hydrated all season long. When using a body lotion, make sure to apply it right after showering so it can lock in the moisture on your skin.

Buy and Use a Humidifier

Central heat is a necessity in the winter in most areas. Unfortunately, it’s going to cause your skin to dry out. Using a humidifier in your bedroom at night can help counteract the drying effects of central heating and keep your skin healthy. You can even use two or three smaller humidifiers throughout your home to combat dryness, and if you spend a lot of time in your office, consider buying a portable one that you can turn on and off throughout the day.

About the author – Marcela De Vivo works for Healthy Hair Plus spreading the word about the best vitamins for healthy hair and keeping your skin looking radiant.


Excellent tips! I always take of the last 3 tips, because my skin is very dry. However, I am a bit skeptical about changing my shampoo...


Great tips, especially the sunscreen. A lot of people don't wear it in the winter, especially in northern areas. They think that as there's less sun, they don't need it. I wear my SPF30 year round.

Steave Hussey
Steave Hussey

Winters are most stressful when it comes to tae care of your hair and skin. Dry Skin is no less than a curse in a dry season but the tips above are like a boon to all the people with dry skin. I never knew that brushing hair in winters is so beneficial. Nice post!


Iris - Thank you! Glad you like the post. A moisturizer with SPF is a staple in my skincare routine all year round too!