Cleaning Makeup Brushes: Is it really that important?

Guest post by Jenny Williams

A quizzed look won’t help. Cleaning your makeup brushes really is very important. They are one of the most basic makeup tools and one that you really rely on to give a perfect finish. Besides hygiene, a cleaner brush helps you get the right color blend. It is also equally interesting to know that cleaner and well cared brushes last longer. When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? If it was never, then you need to do it today. And if you do, then you need to maintain the right time span. But first let’s get the basics right.


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Why you need to clean makeup brushes?

  • Over the time various particles like oil, dust, bacteria, debris etc. collect on your makeup brush. Repeated application of makeup through these brushes transfers harmful bacteria on your skin, which results in skin breakouts, pimples etc.
  • Keeping brushes unwashed and dirty for long reduces their lifetime, impacting your pocket. Buying a good makeup brush costs somewhere within 10$ to 50$ and it would take you ages to make a good collection. Losing it, just because you could not spare few minutes to clean them, doesn’t sound good.
  • A thoroughly cleaned brush is a delight and feels soft against skin in contrast to unwashed one, which becomes rough and brittle.

Brush Type & Maintenance

Brushes that are made of nylon synthetic bristles harbor less bacteria than ones made from animal hair. In addition, no animals are harmed for making nylon synthetic bristled brushes. You can wash your synthetic brush weekly, while animal hair brushes require to be washed twice a week.
Your skin type is another factor that determines how often your makeup brush needs to be washed. If you have normal skin then you can stick to a cleaning routine of once in two weeks. If you have oily skin, then cleaning your makeup brush twice a week becomes utmost essential.

Steps For Cleaning Makeup Brushes

While it looks like a tiring job, makeup brushes can be thoroughly cleaned by following few simple steps mentioned below:

  • Wet your brush in water and let the excessive makeup flow off.
  • Fill a cup with water and pour some baby soap or brush shampoo. Mix it with water until lather forms.
  • Dip the brush in the cup and stir it for a few seconds so that the shampoo goes deep within the bristles.
  • Now take out the brush and rinse off the soapy mixture with cold water.
  • Let the brush dry on a soft towel.
  • Continue this process for the rest of the brushes.
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The soapy mixture in the cup may get murky after cleaning few brushes, so pour out the solution and make a new mixture for thoroughly cleaning other brushes. Repeat this procedure twice a week and your brushes will last long and stay safe for your skin.

Author bio  –  Jenny Williams is an avid blogger, who writes about beautifying skin through natural remedies, wellness practices and anti aging cream  for skin care. Besides writing, other things that fascinate her are fashion and reading. Jenny is very particular about her writing and wardrobe. Reading is not a mere hobby, but a gratifying experience for her. You can find her on twitter @SkinCareTalks


Sharon Siqueiros
Sharon Siqueiros

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