3 All-Natural & Purifying Hand Care Products

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Looking for a healthy alternative to the chemical-laden hand cleansing and sanitizing products? Just in time for back-to-school, here are three new herbal & purifying essential oil based hand care products that are perfect to defend yourself against germs the natural way!

The Purist Antibacterial Dry Hand Wash from Tammy Fender ($14) – Combining 11 essential plant-based germ fighters, this 100% purely botanical, on-the-go antibacterial hand sanitizer purifies and protects your hands without drying the skin. With a highly potent combination of Echinacea, Goldenseal, Tea Tree and Thyme, it cleanses naturally and eliminates impurities to ward off infections.


Tammy fender the Purist
Pangea Organics Hand Soap ($14) – This luxurious foaming hand soap is simply divine! Comprised of a nourishing blend of organic saponified vegetal oils, organic botanical extracts and essential oils, this anti-bacterial soap provides a rich lather but without any harsh detergents and is also free of synthetic dyes or fragrances or harsh antibacterials.

This is the most gentle and moisturizing hand soap I’ve tried and it’s good to know that it biodegrades after 48 hours of washing down the drain. Available in 3 invigorating scents : Canadian Pine with White Sage, Italian White Sage with Geranium & Yarrow and Pyreness Lavender with Cardamom.


Pangea Organics hand Soaps


EO Hand Sanitizers ($2.99) – EO’s new Everyone Hand Sanitizers are a natural, plant-based alternative with pure essential oils that clean your hands and refresh your senses. With non-GMO ethanol to fight germs, and glycerin and jojoba oil to keep hands feeling moisturized, not sticky, these natural sanitizers are 99.9% effective at killing common germs!

They come in 2 oz. spray or gel bottles in two refreshing scents ­- Peppermint + Citrus and Coconut + Lemon. Free of any parabens, triclosan, artificial fragrances and other harsh chemicals, they are ideal for everyone in your family…. even safe for babies! Available exclusively at Whole Foods Markets nationally through November 1, 2013.


Everyone natural hand Sanitizers


James Robinson
James Robinson

Hey, I'm using The Purist too. Love the feel of it on my skin. Divine!


Organic and natural products really matters most. This is safe to use and good for the skin.