5 Common Lipstick Mistakes Women Make

Lipstick is one of the most important tools in any woman’s beauty kit. Even if a woman doesn’t use any other makeup items she still might have one-two of her favorite lipsticks tucked away for the significant occasions. Rightly so, because lipstick is a beauty item which has the power to instantly transform any look, brighten up even the dullest outfit and make you look years younger.

However, lipstick if not used and applied in the correct manner can work against your skin tone, your age and your natural beauty. Take a look at the five common Lipstick mistakes women make:

Choosing the wrong shade

Many women don’t know how to choose the right lipstick shade for their skin tone. Usually the rule of going a shade or two darker than the natural lip color works best. If you are wearing lipstick during daytime, light, natural and subtle shades will be appropriate. Dramatic colors should be used for the evenings. If one is above 40, it is best to avoid glittery and high gloss shades which tend to look forced makeup rather than natural beauty.

Incorrect Application

Wearing lipstick is all about giving the right color and shape to your lips. Look directly into the mirror without any tilting while applying lipstick. Always line your lips with a good liner and then blend it thoroughly to avoid hard lines. Never ever wear a dark lip liner with a light lip color, it looks ghastly. Don’t apply lip liner outside your lip line to create a fuller effect, instead just dab some clear gloss in the center of your lower lip to make your lips look pouty.

You can apply lip color directly from the lipstick tube or use a brush and finish with sheer gloss. Never wear thick lip gloss over your lips because it creates a goopy effect which is quite unflattering.

Letting the Lipstick bleed

The actual purpose of the lip liner is to keep the lipstick from bleeding because most people don’t have the perfect lip line which holds lipstick in. Blending a lip pencil properly ensures that even if your lipstick wears off after some time, the color will last as the lip pencil will act as a base. Lipstick is for your lips and not for your teeth. After applying, always double check your teeth and border of the lips for any lipstick stains. Lastly, always slightly blot your lips with a tissue paper to remove any excess lipstick or gloss.

Not knowing how to wear Red

Wearing a full on red lipstick is the first choice for most women because red lipstick has always represented sexy, glamour and power. Alas, it can be quite difficult to wear red without looking overdone unless you know the proper technique. Using a lip brush to create perfectly defined red lips is a must. Again you must choose the right shade of red according to your skin tone. If you are fair use reds which have pink or plum undertones, if you are medium skin toned then reds with orange tones are best and if you are dark skinned then deep reds will pop out on your skin. If you are wearing a red lipstick, keep everything else i.e. your eye makeup, clothes and accessories subtle otherwise it might look garish.

Wearing Lipstick over chapped lips

Lipstick doesn’t hide chapped lips but accentuates the flakiness and uneven look. Moisturize your lips with a good lip balm every day and exfoliate once or twice a week. Sugar crystals mixed with olive oil work as a natural exfoliator leaving your lips soft and smooth.

Just take care to avoid the above mistakes and you will have perfectly kissable lips.

Talking about Lipstick, I am reminded of the quote “Look for someone who will mess up your lipstick and not your mascara” Don’t forget to share your comments.

This post has been written by our staff writer Swapna. 
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Baronial Feminite
Baronial Feminite

Hey The post was immensely helpful and Il take care of all these points while putting a lipstick next time..


very interesting and helpful post, every women should read this


Useful tips especially one about lipstick bleeding


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