Latest Addiction – WEN Six Thirteen Cleansing Treatment

It has been more than two years since I discovered WEN cleansing conditioner. When I first read about it, the concept of cleansing with a conditioner sounded really nice for my thick, coarse hair so I tried it out to see what the hype was all about. And I am so glad I did since WEN (Fig) has done wonders for the feel and texture of my dry hair. So, when I recently found out about the new WEN Six Thirteen cleansing treatment that’s even more luxurious than the regular WEN, I just had to get my hands on this new formula!

Wen six thirteen


Product Description

Nourishment in numbers. Powered with an exclusive blend of eleven amino acid, this daily cleansing treatment revitalizes all types of hair–including damaged locks–by helping to restore strength and elasticity. The unique combination of more than twenty-five natural oils and extracts like ginger, rosemary, lotus flower and ginseng deeply nourish your hair and scalp, while the absence of sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates and wheat or nut ingredients makes Six Thirteen perfect for those with sensitive skin. Full of naturally luxurious ingredients, Six Thirteen is the indulgence your hair has been waiting for. To use, simply rinse hair with cool water, then thoroughly coat hair from scalp to ends with the treatment.

Wen six thirteen

First off, Six Thirteen has a very rich, dense consistency. It is even slightly thicker than the Fig version (meant for coarse/dry/damaged hair) that I have been using all this while. I’ve never had a problem with the cleansing conditioners weighing down my hair so I was not too worried about this being too heavy for my strands. In fact, I love the richness of the formula as it works really well on my locks leaving them clean, super soft and hydrated. And did I mention I just LOVE the scent – the vanilla/lemon/rosemary fragrance is so good! It’s not very strong and fades away as you rinse the product out. I was never really fond of the fig scent so this is a big plus for me.

Wen six thirteen ingredients

Six thirteen is a definitely a notch above the Fig in the conditioning factor so if you don’t have perpetually dry hair like me, it would probably be best to use this one in rotation with your favorite Wen cleansing conditioner or you can also add a few pumps to your regular WEN routine for a boost of hydration.

Now for the price – it’s pretty expensive at $78 per 32 oz bottle if you buy it from Chaz Dean’s s website but QVC always has a better price ($61 + S&H) and that’s where I order mine. While pricey, Six Thirteen is a fantastic cleansing conditioner and feels like a luxurious treat for your hair every single time…. I’m officially hooked!



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